Pathibhara Devi or Mukkumlung (as mentioned in Mundhum of Limbu people) is one of the most significant temples in Nepal, located on the hill of Taplejung. It is also considered one of the holy places for the Limbu people. Worshippers from different parts of Nepal and India flock to the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfillment of the pilgrims’ wishes.

The temple is located 19.4 North East from Phungling municipality at an elevation of 3,794 m (12,444.32 ft). It serves as a secondary route of Kanchenjunga trek. The list of devotees includes the ex-Royal family of Nepal. The pilgrims offer animal sacrifices, gold and silver to please the goddess. After the Gorkha (Khas) invasion of Limbuwan the holy temple of the Limbu people (Manghim in Limbu language) was also included into the mainstream Hinduism and is worshiped as one of the Hindu Shaktipeeths without changing the earlier belief or the practices of the Limbu people.